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Revolutionizing the way businesses are built

Shaping the economic future

From a sparkling moment in Davos at the World Economic Forum 2016 FACTOR10 was born. We know that established companies are in a struggle to regain or hold global leadership positions in markets which are completely changing through digital transformation. The customer of the 21st Century has great expectations regarding services and customization. Traditional companies need to adapt to a customer-centric mindset.

Our mission

FACTOR10 strives to significantly shape our environment by combining the strengths of large established companies with the speed of startups and digital expertise.

We believe

The future depends on how fast we learn to extend our traditional strengths with radically new digital mindsets.

Founding partners

Today, our team counts over 35 employees, who are located across our offices in Berlin, Cologne and London.

Felix Stäritz

Founding Partner, Berlin

Established, advised and invested in more than 20 Startups e.g. KochAbo, ShareTheMeal | Digital Leader World Economic Forum | Member of the Board of Entrepreneurship Vattenfall

Michael Stephanblome

Founding Partner, London

Serial entrepreneur (e.g. exit Adjug) | Investor and Venture Partner at Eight Roads Ventures (Fidelity) | Member of the Advisory Board at Burda | Marketing director at eBay

Andreas von Oettingen

Founding Partner, Cologne

Creator of e-Commerce Platform “Alice” at Rocket Internet | Lead IT role at Project A | CTO at eCommerce marketplace Crowdfox.com

An excerpt of our digital leaders

At FACTOR10, we work together with over 40 digital leaders. Each one of them has experienced successes throughout their careers in diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds. They are the ones who will advise the newly co-created start-ups.

Regine Haschka-Helmer

Member of IOTA Foundation – Next-Generation Blockchain | CEO Seedlab | Business Angel | CEO I-D Media AG (IPO)

Jochen Wilms

CEO, W Ventures | Former General Manager, Bertelsmann | Former Senior Executive Vice President & President, Schüco USA

Claus Moseholm

Chairman of the Board, Donkey Republic | Co-Founder & Chairman, Easy Correct | Digital Leader, World Economic Forum

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