Digital disruption is creating
unprecedented, new challenges
for large, traditional companies.

New competitors
New market dynamics
New technologies

Digital transformation is not enough.

Converting analogue processes into digital ones increases efficiency but does not deliver new growth.
To counter new disruptive players gaining market share new digital business creation is essential.

Accelerating growth through strategic, digital business creation.

Creating new digital businesses with experienced partners outside existing corporate organizations.
Building an incentive system and investment model that enables re-integration and seamless operation.

“FACTOR10 plays an important role in realizing the need to establish ecosystem collaboration among corporates and start-ups – not only within their respective sectors, but also cross-industry – by designing learning experiences around emerging technologies in order to shift the mindset of the key stakeholders.

I strongly believe in FACTOR10’s mission to accelerate the digital transformation in Europe, which is why I advise and support the team on its journey.”

Bruce Weinelt, Head of Digital Transformation, World Economic Forum

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